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Shop high-quality forklift brake parts for improved safety and performance. Find brake pads, shoes, drums, and more from top brands at competitive prices.

Welcome to Forklift101, your one-stop destination for top-quality forklift brake parts. We understand the critical role that brakes play in ensuring safety and efficiency in material handling operations. That' s why we offer a wide range of genuine brake components that fit various forklift makes and models. When you choose Forklift101, you're investing in reliable and durable parts to keep your forklift running at its best.

The Importance of Forklift Brake Parts:

  1. Safety First: Forklifts operate in busy environments where safety is paramount. Brakes are a crucial element in preventing accidents, avoiding collisions, and protecting both operators and valuable goods. With our genuine brake parts, you can trust in the reliability and responsiveness of your forklift's braking system.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency: Efficient brakes contribute to smoother operations and improved productivity. By choosing premium brake components from Forklift101, you can ensure that your forklift stops precisely when needed, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
  3. Long-Lasting Performance: Our forklift brake parts are built to withstand the demands of heavy-duty applications. With superior materials and precise engineering, these components offer extended durability, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Our Extensive Range of Forklift Brake Parts:

  1. Brake Pads and Shoes: We offer a comprehensive selection of brake pads and shoes suitable for various forklift makes and models. These friction materials are designed to provide consistent and reliable stopping power, even in challenging conditions.
  2. Brake Calipers and Wheel Cylinders: Keep your forklift's braking system in top-notch condition with our genuine brake calipers and wheel cylinders. These components ensure smooth and controlled brake application for optimal safety.
  3. Brake Drums and Discs: Our range includes high-quality brake drums and discs that are precision-machined to meet the strictest standards. These parts promote even wear, reduce vibrations, and enhance the overall braking performance of your forklift.
  4. Brake Master Cylinders and Boosters: Ensure proper hydraulic brake operation with our genuine master cylinders and boosters. These essential components maintain brake fluid pressure, allowing for smooth and responsive braking.
  5. Brake Cables and Hardware: We provide a wide selection of brake cables and hardware to ensure the proper functioning of your forklift's braking system. From cables to springs and pins, our components are designed for a perfect fit.


At Forklift101, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of high-quality forklift brake parts for all makes and models. When it comes to safety and efficiency, investing in genuine brake components is essential. Our selection of reliable and durable brake pads, calipers, drums, and more will keep your forklift operating smoothly and safely. Browse our inventory now and ensure the peak performance of your forklift's braking system with Forklift101!


In this write-up, we'll evaluate one of the most common types of forklift brakes and a stopping technique called forklift connecting. We'll likewise cover the most usual factors forklift brakes need repair service and also how to avoid these issues.

Let's solve to the most frequently asked question: what kind of brakes do most forklifts have? Answer: drum and footwear brakes.

When the operator pushes down on the brake pedal, the brake footwear press against the brake drum, producing rubbing, which reduces the lift truck. Over time, the component that presses versus the drum (the brake footwear lining) wears down and have to be changed.

Forklift brake footwear ought to last 5,000 - 7,000 hours if properly preserved. Every 250 hrs, you must burn out collected brake dust to prevent it from grinding ridges right into the brake footwear (or even worse - the brake drum). The brake footwear and drum additionally require regular changes and also maintenance.

If you locate you're replacing your brake shoes frequently:

Consider forklift operator retraining - one of the most typical reasons forklift brakes need to be replaced earlier than normal are: driving with the parking brake involved, driving two-footed, and driving also fast.
If you have a sturdy, dingy, or dusty work environment - take into consideration wet disc brakes.

Oil-cooled disc brakes, better-known as wet brakes, utilize hydraulic pressure to squeeze the discs as well as reduce the drive axles. The device is entirely sealed and protected from dirt, particles and also crud, so you do not need to worry about contamination or deterioration.

Damp brakes seldom need to be changed and also only need periodic oil adjustments. They're an affordable option to drum and also footwear brakes for lots of applications.


Air brakes are normally used in bigger,  HEAVY sturdy and also call for an engine-driven air compressor. As the name suggests, air brakes slow down the truck by using compressed air (continuing an actuator) to apply force to the brake shoe or pad.

Some forklifts make use of a hydrostatic drive as opposed to a mechanical powertrain. With a hydrostatic forklift, hydraulic fluid gets pumped directly to the wheels. When the accelerator is disengaged, liquid quits moving and there is a natural braking impact.

If your product dealing with application would gain from smooth, gradual starts as well as stops, hydrostatic drive forklifts are an exceptional option. Linde forklifts are widely known for their 100% hydrostatic drives.

Forklift plugging, additionally known as switch-back or regenerative stopping, is purely for electrical forklifts. Using the right mix of the accelerator pedal as well as directional selector, a forklift operator can decrease as well as alter instructions without utilizing the forklift's brakes.

As the electrical motor reverses direction, kinetic energy is converted into electrical power, which expands the run-time. This is why forklift connecting is additionally called regenerative braking.

Forklift connecting takes some method. Ensure drivers are effectively training and emphasize they ought to never utilize this method on an internal burning engine forklift.

Brake screech as well as various other noises do not always signal a trouble. Sometimes brakes can really feel extra "hoggish" after the forklift has been sitting over night, specifically when the forklift is driven without a lots.

It's far better to have an expert examine your forklift's brakes on a regular basis so you can capture tiny concerns before they come to be large problems. By doing this, when a driver involves you fretted about a brake problem, you can describe the service document as well as know, "that seems typical, it has to do with time to change the brake footwear linings," versus having no history and wishing there isn't a pricey repair service hiding under the hood.

Your forklift's brakes work hard day-in and day-out to slow down as well as quit hundreds of extra pounds. Whether they're pad brakes, drum brakes, or an option such as oil-cooled, your brakes will eventually require substitute. FORKLIFT101 initial OEM  part components for the brands we represent (Toyota, Clark as well as Linde), and also we also have one of the most thorough inventory of forklift parts for all makes 

When your forklift brakes require repair service, depend on the solution pros at FORKLIFT101. Our factory-certified specialists can service any type of make or design of forklift, as well as we offer upkeep plans created to maintain your devices running at peak effectiveness (while maintaining expenses reduced).